Professional counseling and career guidance

IDE is working on strengthening the connection of higher education with the labor market.

Through its activities and projects IDE is working on improving policies aimed at strengthening the connection of higher education with the labor market. Lifelong career guidance and career development and investment in education, especially higher education, contributes to addressing unemployment and increasing social inclusion. IDE promotes and advocates lifelong learning in its work, since permanent employability in the conditions of globalization can only be achieved through continuous education and training throughout the whole lifetime.

Related projects

Project e4corner@mefsb

Entrepreneurship in engineering education initiative – key to better employability (2013 – 2015)

Project Career

Platform for Career Advice Centres in Croatia 2005 – 2006

Project Virtus

Virtual Academic Information Service – (2004 – 2005)

Project ECAS

Establishing of Career Advice Services at Croatian Universities (2007 – 2009)

IDE’s membership in external groups related to this policy

Work group for creation of Operative plan for implementation of the Strategy for lifelong professional guidance and career development in the Republic of Croatia 2016-2020 (Ministry of Labour and Pension System)

Expert work group for developing a proposal of the Strategy for promotion of lifelong learning (Agency for vocational training and adult education)

National council for development of human potentials (Ministry of Science and Education)