InterRGN: Internationalization of Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering


10/2018 – 10/2021




Internationalization of higher education


1.775.648,19 HRK


European Social Fund


The Faculty of Mining and Geology and Petroleum Engineering (RGNF) is a component of the University of Zagreb (SuZ) and the only educational institution in the Republic of Croatia (RH) that educates experts in mining, petroleum mining and geological engineering in the technical field and one of two institutions that educates geologists in a natural area.
At RGNF, the implementation of the internationalization project is planned through three types of activities: a) development of a new graduate study of oil mining in English; b) translation into English and conducting 27 courses in other graduate studies; c) participation in 5 fairs of higher education in Europe with the purpose of promoting a new study program and courses in English.
In the project we can identify two basic target groups: 1. undergraduate and graduate students of RGNF; 2. teachers who will participate in the development of a new graduate study and who will conduct courses in English. All members of the Petroleum Mining Studies Council, course holders in other graduate studies who have applied to participate in the project and a person employed in the Office for Postgraduate Studies, International Cooperation and Projects will participate in the preparation and implementation of the project as a target group. In the case of graduate studies in oil mining, undergraduate and graduate students will be involved in the implementation of the project through a survey (interest in a new study program) and promotional activities. Participation in higher education fairs will be a promotional tool for new study programs aimed at attracting foreign students and raising the international recognition of RGNF. Such a project would have a long-term impact on the international recognition of both the graduate study of oil mining and RGNF as a whole. First of all, the development of teaching materials and curricula of studies and individual subjects in English and the improvement of English language skills of the performers of each course will raise the quality of study at graduate studies. In addition, the production of promotional materials and promotion at higher education fairs will ensure better visibility of the RGNF and the study programs conducted there. Involving students during the implementation of the project will ensure a better quality of the study program for both domestic and incoming students. Ultimately, teaching in English will increase the possibility for incoming mobility of teachers and students, but also for outgoing mobility of our students to other universities, and better international recognition of our students in employment.
Cooperation on this project is a kind of indicator of the sustainability of TARGET results, on the basis of which RGNF continues its successful cooperation with partners from the IDE. The Faculty plans to continue the process of improving quality by applying for tenders from the European Social Fund and sees the IDE as a potential partner given their expertise in the field of higher education.


It is necessary to strengthen the international recognition of the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering through the development of study programs and courses in English, which will increase the outgoing and incoming mobility of students and teachers as target groups of this project.
The project has three goals:

  1. Contribute to the internationalization of RGNF study programs;
  2. Strengthen the competencies of teachers and graduate students of RGNF;
  3. Increase the percentage of incoming student mobility and contribute to the international recognition of RGNF by participating in relevant higher education fairs.