Croatia in the EU – Opportunities for students

Croatia in the EU – Opportunities for students

Croatia in the EU – Opportunities for students

Project duration:
09/2012 – 02/2013

IDE’s role:
Lead partner

Tematsko područje:

Thematic field


20.000,00 HRK


City of Zagreb


With regard to Croatia’s accession to the EU, new opportunities for youth education were opened in July 2013. Consequently, the objective of this project was to inform two existing youth groups about the existing and new possibilities:
– students of secondary vocational schools
– students of professional studies.
These groups do not have enough structured information to make an informed decision about their future education and training, and their employability is directly dependent on them. They are mostly informed through the online sites of educational institutions where young people sometimes find it difficult to distinguish relevant from irrelevant information and to gain general insight as well as to get answers to their specific questions.


Main objective of the project was to increase the level of information among two target groups in the City of Zagreb (vocational secondary and tertiary school students) about the opportunities for studying through mobility within educational programmes, internships or volunteering in the EU. They were presented the possibilities which are already open to Croatian citizens, as well as incoming opportunities which will become active after Croatia joins the EU in July 2013.


  • organization of eight lectures (four in secondary vocational schools and four in higher education institutions conducting professional studies).
  • printing out an information leaflet “You Want to Study in Europe” about educational opportunities for students and students who will raise the level of information on target groups of projects.


  • 8 lectures were held for students and pupils on the subject of educational opportunities in the EU
  • the total number of participants was 286
  • Students and pupils have received structured information in order to make an informed decision on their future education and training as future EU citizens
  • raising levels of awareness among students that participation in the programs increases the employability of individuals with qualifications from secondary vocational schools and professional studies which is important for the development of human resources of the City of Zagreb
  • Excellent visibility of the project has been achieved among users and the public